Thomas Dahm

Hello! I'm a designer/developer creating printed and digital matter for all screens and sizes. Collaborate with brands and creative professionals on commercial projects and studio projects. I'm also the creator of Neon Moiré, Tabletto, host a podcast and I'am a certified Glide Expert!

If you’re looking for a freelancer designer/developer to help bring an idea to life and you’re on a tight timeline—let’s jam.
Available for Freelance / Social Promotion

What's new

  • Propela × Neon Moiré

    Organizing and brand development for this new series of intimate online conversations for event professionals, by event professionals exploring new opportunities for our industry.

  • Studies of Nature

    Online archive of Studies of Nature by artist Ron Dirven.

  • Neon Moiré NL

    A Dutch newsletter with meetups, workshops, conferences and exhibitions in The Netherlands and Belgium in the field of Digital Culture, Design, Fashion, Architecture, Film. Every two week. Sign up here.

  • Variable Type Workshops

    Together with Jeroen Disch (Halfvet) and Arthur Reinders Folmer from Typearture I organize in-person and online live Variable Type Workshops. Next edition starts early February 2021.

  • Educational Platform

    For Dutch hat designer Berry Rutjes I've developed a digital education platform, based upon Wordpress.