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Email — studio@dahm.nl
Phone — +31 645 072 888
Twitter — @thomasdahm

Gasthuisplaats 1
2611 BN Delft
The Netherlands

About the Studio
Thomas Dahm Studio is a Delft-based graphic design studio founded in 2005 by Thomas Dahm. Focusing on editorial graphic design, the studio collaborates with clients and partners on a broad range of projects, including typefaces, books, exhibitions, digital platforms, identities, and event branding.

Since 2008 the studio is responsible for all graphic design of the Vincent van GoghHuis. Other projects include the branding of the German contribution during the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice, book design for publishers such as Hatje Cantz and Birkhäuser.

Outside of our client projects, the studio created the typographic game Tabletto, an on-demand Type Tour through Amsterdam with type designer David Quay, and produce the online design conference calendar Neon Moiré and it’s podcast the Neon Moiré Show.

Recently Creative Network and The Design Kids interviewed me about Neon Moiré and running an independent design studio.

👉 Currently I’m available for freelance work, 2 days a week. Drop a line if you have an interesting project or schedule a 15min meeting

Jobs & Internships
We’re flattered you are thinking of us, but Thomas Dahm Studio is largely a one-man show. We don’t have any open roles or internships to offer at the moment, sorry.

Neon Moiré
Neon Moiré is a curated event guide of the world’s most interesting design conferences and events on our digitized world. The agenda will focus on graphic, typography and interaction design conferences, not to forget design film festivals and an overview of the top design summer schools. neonmoire.com

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